Fisheries in the Western Pacific Ocean

Saving Tuna Fisheries

Carolin and Linda developed the original Communication Strategy for the Greenpeace Pacific Tuna campaign (2003-2004).

The campaign empowered Pacific Island communities to ban commercial fishing in high seas areas and eventually resulted in canned tuna producers committing to avoid buying tuna from suppliers using harmful fishing practices like fads and purse-seiners.

Inflatable Hinders Whaling Ship in Southern Ocean

Whale Protection

Linda developed and implemented the communication strategies for Greenpeace International at International Whaling Commission meetings in Shimonoseki and Berlin (in 2002 and 2003).

Carolin covered media for the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Antarctic Anti-Whaling expeditions – which saw the release of dramatic footage by Greenpeace of attempts to foil Japanese whalers.

Local Men with Logged Tree - New Guinea -

Good Wood

Carolin developed and implemented the communications strategy for the Greenpeace Good Wood campaign in 2005.

This included collecting video footage from PNG land owners combatting illegal logging to advocate for Australia to ban importing illegally logged timber, and creating pro-active stories about architects, builders and furniture makers who use Forest Stewardship Certified timber – Good Wood